• Our insulated concrete walls are built in our production facility in a controlled environment which results in consistent and reliable quality.
  • Efficiency and speed of installation – typically one day.
  • 5,000 PSI fiber-reinforced concrete is a building material that is exceptionally durable and strong.
  • Fully-engineered and accompanied by stamped and sealed drawings for your permitting authority.
  • Load-bearing capacity of 4,000 lbs. per lineal foot.
  • Insulation value of R-22 coupled with virtually zero air infiltration.
  • Thermal mass of walls reduces temperature fluctuations.
  • 5,000 PSI fiber-reinforced concrete does not need additional damp-proofing (local codes prevail.)
  • Concrete resists mold, mildew, rot, insects.
  • Steel studs on the interior face allow easy attachment of wallboard or other finish material.
  • UL 1715 Fire Test - Passed.
  • Third-party inspected to ensure production quality control standards are met.
  • 15-Year Warranty covers structural defects and guarantees against sidewall water penetration.
  • Minimal job site waste.
  • Stone/gravel serves as footer and allows any water or moisture to migrate under and away from the structure.
  • Trade-friendly features familiar to framers and others.


  • Initial phone consultation to discuss project details, budget, schedule, and suitability of precast for your project.
  • Forward your plans to your Consultant to review, estimate, and provide you with a pricing proposal.
  • Schedule a site visit with your Consultant to confirm access to jobsite and identify any logistical challenges.
  • Upon approval of the pricing proposal, Preliminary Drawings are prepared by our experienced designers and draftspersons and sent to you for review, revisions if any, and approval.
  • Upon your acceptance of the Preliminary Drawings, they are submitted for an Engineering Package which includes stamped and sealed documents for your project.
  • Customer deposit is due when Engineering Package is delivered.
  • Customer is responsible for obtaining all permits and site preparation (access for crane and tractor trailers, excavation, gravel, locating all outside corners.)
  • Once permits are obtained and site is prepared, production and installation is scheduled.
  • On installation day, our Installation Crew arrives on site, prepares and levels the stone bed, and confirms grade and corner locations.
  • Walls are loaded on trailers at our factory and are scheduled and coordinated with the crane to arrive at your site.
  • Crane sets up, the walls are positioned within reach, and the fun begins…LIFT OFF!


  • Sales Consultants are trained to deliver accurate and timely information and guidance.
  • Support Staff is knowledgeable and responsive.
  • Production Personnel is talented, efficient, and ensures quality control and steady production.
  • Installation Crew has vast experience in the field.
  • Owners of the company have over 50 years combined experience in precast concrete and construction trades.


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