The Anatomy of High-Performance Precast Insulated Concrete Wall Panel

The main components of an Ideal Wall consist of 5000 psi fiber reinforced concrete, rebar, rigid foam insulation and commercial grade steel studs. These components are carefully placed in “book-matched” steel forms, to ensure a perfect fit when installed on your site. Then, we monolithically pour our on-site mixed, fiber reinforced 5000 psi concrete, which bonds these components together to create our high performance Ideal Walls.

The Ideal Wall Design Consists Of:

Frequently Asked Questions:

The costs are comparable. However…

Here’s Where You Gain Value!!!

  • No concrete footings are required saving you time and money
  • Typical installations take 1 day or less saving weeks of build time.
  • Ideal walls are better insulated than site built walls (R-22 rated)
  • No need for added damp-proofing (unless required by local codes)
  • Manufacturing process increases quality, strength and performance over site built walls while using less resources and creating less waste.
  • Customer provides architectural drawings and meets with an Ideal sales consultant to discuss project details.
  • The Ideal consultant provides an all-inclusive cost estimate and marked up drawings.
  • Once the customer approves design specifications and proposal, the finalized design is sent to 3rd party engineer for review who then provides signed/sealed documents for construction.
  • Customer selects installation date, and the project is placed in the manufacturing que.
  • Meanwhile, site prep can begin so site is ready for installation date.
  • Then the fun part… installation of your Ideal walls! By the end of the day (typically) you will have your new basement, home or building walls up and can continue with your project.

Installation for most jobs takes one day or less! Coupled with a well planned and executed project schedule, our rapid installation can save you weeks of time and have your new building “in the dry” quickly so other trades can proceed with their scope of work sooner.

  • Site must have ingress and egress for a tractor trailer weighing 80,000 lbs.
  • Prepare a level crane pad that is 40’x40’ minimum. Material used for base must support 80,000 lbs.
  • Install a 4” perforated foundation drain below, and adjacent to the proposed bottom of wall.
  • Install 3/8” to 1/2” angular, washed stone footing level within 1”
  • Have surveyor mark ALL corners with secure pins.
  • Install the sill plate using anchor bolts already in place.
  • Install the floor/ roof system per Ideal’s attachment detail.
  • Apply foundation coating if required by local code enforcement.
  • Pour concrete floor slab.
  • Backfill using 45 PCF or less non expansive soils.

Concrete is far more fire resistant than wood and our walls are designed, tested and have passed the UL 1715 Fire Test. This means you can rest assured that Ideal Walls will provide an added level of safety and security should a fire ever occur.

The engineered design of standard Ideal walls can support 4,000 pounds per linear foot and can be modified to support point loads of 32,000 pounds. This capacity is more than sufficient to meet the structural design specifications for homes and commercial buildings up to 3 stories in height.

Ideal Walls were initially designed to withstand the harsh environment of below grade applications, such as crawlspaces and basements, and therefore provide excellent protection in above grade applications.
The 5000 psi concrete used is extremely durable, inherently damp-proof and air-sealed. Ideal walls reduce, or eliminate, damage caused by natural disasters, pests, mold/mildew, and rot providing a safer and lower maintenance structure. Additionally, the thermal mass of concrete helps reduce temperature fluctuations inside. All this adds up to provide you with a drier, safer, healthier, and more comfortable indoor environment for the life of your home or commercial building.

Ideal Walls are produced following a strictly designed process in a controlled environment at our manufacturing facility. This allows us to use less resources/materials and produce less waste all while producing a stronger, more precise and higher performing wall system. The installation process also reduces impacts to the job site and further reduces waste. The durability and longer useful life of ideal Walls requires less maintenance and repairs over the life of the structure, further reducing the use of resources/materials. The energy efficiency further reduces cost and environmental impacts. This means that you can help protect the environment by choosing to use Ideal Walls instead of traditional concrete, masonry or wood building materials. Let’s build better!

Ideal Walls come with a 15 year warranty against structural defects and side wall water penetration so you can be confident that Ideal Walls will out perform traditional wall assemblies.

The manufacturing of precast concrete walls provides a higher quality, better performing and more precise wall assembly than can be obtained with traditional concrete block and poured-in-place concrete walls. We mix our own concrete at our facility, rather than having 3rd party suppliers provide our concrete. This allows us to ensure the quality of the concrete meets our strict design requirements. Ideal walls are built in a controlled environment so the concrete cures in optimal conditions which ensures concrete quality and strength and prevents issues that are common with CMU or poured concrete walls. In short, precast is more efficient, more durable, and better quality than than more traditional methods and materials.
Precast concrete has been widely used in construction since the early 1950’s and is a time tested building solution that has drastically improved build quality and efficiency. The growing popularity of utilizing precast in the construction industry will only continue to grow as the as we seek to improve construction methods to address the economic and environmental issues we face today. We are proud to be part of this exciting evolution of the construction industry and intend to continually innovate our product so we can help build a better future.

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