Insulated precast concrete walls have been utilized for decades, yet many builders and property owners are not aware of the benefits this innovative building solution has to offer. Ideal Building Systems was created in 2008 to provide an improved product and customer service experience while making insulated precast concrete walls more accessible and affordable for clients in the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic Region. The Ideal Building Systems Team drew from over 100 years of collective, hands-on, experience and input from building professionals and clients to create our innovative, yet time tested, building solution. Ideal Walls are a versatile building solution that can be utilized for residential or commercial, above or below grade building projects, Ideal walls can meet virtually any design style, from elaborate traditional to sleek and simple modern designs…. we have built them all. Ideal Building Systems has proudly partnered with clients throughout the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic Region who have wisely chosen to incorporate Ideal Walls into their projects, many of which have been certified by LEED, PHIUS, EarthCraft and Energy Star. We are eager to demonstrate how Ideal Walls can help you save TIME AND MONEY, while increasing quality, precision and performance on your next building project. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation and learn why our walls are truly the Ideal choice for your project.


Our walls are the Ideal choice for your basement or crawl space foundation. Our strong and resilient engineered design that utilizes, inherently damp-proof, 5000 psi concrete ensures Ideal walls will stand up to the harsh conditions below grade. The industry leading R-22 insulation that comes standard with all Ideal Walls exceeds code requirements and provides energy efficiency that will save you money up-front and year after year. Installed on a properly prepared site, Ideal Walls will provide a drier, safer, healthier and more comfortable, rock-solid foundation for your home or business while saving you money on energy for life. You gain all these benefits at a cost that is comparable to typical CMU or poured concrete construction.


Single or Multi-Family, Single or Multi- Story, Modern, Traditional, Contemporary, Craftsman, Farmhouse, Cottage – we’ve designed and built walls for them all. Ideal Walls are available in standard heights (9′-2 1/2″, 10′-0″ and 11′-10 1/2″) to achieve the most commonly desired ceiling heights and are fully customizable to meet any design specifications. We have custom options you won’t find elsewhere. Using Ideal Walls for your home will save you time, money and stress. You can reduce your dependence on skilled trade partners and walls for most homes can be installed in one day, or less, so your build schedule is expedited and you can move in sooner!

Ideal Walls provide a stronger, more durable exterior envelope that is resilient to natural disasters and inherently resistant to pests, mold/mildew and rot. These benefits will provide a home that is safer, healthier, more energy efficient, and requires less maintenance than wood framed exterior walls. Add all these benefits up and you have a sustainable home that will reduce your costs every year.

Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation – we are eager to demonstrate our innovative design solutions that insulated concrete walls provide.


Retail facilities, government buildings, schools, convenience stores, fast food operations – the features and benefits or our insulated concrete walls apply equally well to commercial projects. Utilizing Ideal Walls will help expedite and add more control to the construction schedule, with most installations taking 1 day or less, and by reducing your reliance on skilled trade partnerships. The increased energy efficiency, resilience and sustainability that is attained by incorporating Ideal walls into your commercial building design helps meet the modern demands of business owners, governments and the general public for more conscientious and sustainable business practices, all while saving time and money before, during and after the project. Let’s collaborate and build better together!