The Premier Designer, Manufacturer and Installer of High Performance Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Ideal Building Systems was founded in 2008 to provide much needed competiton, product, and customer service improvement to the Insulated Precast Concrete Wall Market in the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic Region. The Ideal Team drew from decades of hands on experience and suggestions from builders, designers and clients to make improvements that the competition wasn’t willing, or able, to make. Listening to our valued clients, and implementing their suggestions has allowed Ideal Walls to bring a higher quality, innovative and cost competitive building solution to the
market, while also providing first-in-class customer service. We encourage you to contact our competitors, and/or view the information they have available. We are confident that you will realize that Ideal Building Systems’ team and solutions are truly the Ideal option for your next construction project. We look forward to partnering and collaborating with you soon!

Why Ideal Over the Competition:

How the Ideal Solution will Help You!

Builders & Developers

Our insulated concrete walls offer:
  • Increased quality and strength.
  • 3rd party engineer verified design for all wall assemblies provides greater liability protection.
  • Typical lead time of 3-6 weeks.
  • Installation in one day or less for most projects.
  • Minimal job site disturbance and waste after install.
  • No additional insulation or damp-proofing needed. (Unless required by local authorities)
  • Ready-to-finish, trade-friendly interior/exterior.
  • Comparable cost to Masonry/Cast In Place Walls.
  • Marketable and sellable added value for clients.
  • Expedited and more controllable schedules with added quality, precision and performance.
  • A dedicated and experienced team of professionals ready to help every step of the way.


Ideal Building System’s walls:
  • Are super energy-efficient and sustainable
  • Are cost-competitive with poured concrete and block.
  • Expedite and simplify the build process so you can move in sooner with less stress.
  • Have an insulation value of R-22 which saves money upfront and for the life of your home or business.
  • Reduces upfront cost of your A/C system
  • Are inherently damp-proof and air sealed to provide a dry, comfortable, and healthy indoor environment.
  • Have a trade friendly, ready to finish interior and exterior surface to reduce build time and cost.
  • Are more durable and resistant to natural disasters, pests, mold and rot for a safer and lower maintenance structure.

Architects & Designers

Design our insulated concrete wall system into any project. Our consultants and designers will:
  • Collaborate with your team to expedite the design process, ensure all design specifications are met and help educate
    your clients on the benefits our innovative building solution.
  • Provide engineering details for our standard wall assemblies and 3rd party, signed/sealed engineering documents for all projects.
  • Provide prompt and friendly design guidance and expertise if needed
  • Assist in providing documentation to qualify for LEED, PHIUS, EarthCraft, Energy Star, or other standards.


Ideal Building Solutions GM

Justin enjoys his time with his wife of 20 years, and his two boys. His eldest son is currently in college in OH, while his youngest son is in high school. An enthusiastic lover of the outdoors, Justin is also a skilled BBQ aficionado. When baseball season rolls around, you’ll spot him at the ball field, whether he’s watching his favorite player (who just happens to be his son) or cheering on his cherished team, the Durham Bulls.